Empty Nest?… And of Course some Crochet! :)


Well I think My door has stopped Revolving. I’ve gone through the years of Moving out, oops, Moving in, back and forth.  My door was spinning.

But… I think it’s safe now… (Praying)

Let the Renovations Begin!!!!!

First the Hall Bathroom! My Husband and I tend to make do with what we have, so basically we enhanced what was there. Now the Task of removing 52 years of paint off a bathroom vanity and cabinet/closet … (I literally lost my patience) What a Nightmare… Days of Paint Stripper, Scraping but finally to the Original Wood.

I decided on a Bombay Mahogany Stain, then Layering Clear Finish. I still have Cabinet doors to do (Only 5 Left out of a Total of 9 Doors and 2 Drawers). But the bathroom is looking Awesome!

Here is the Stripped Closet/Cabinet (Painter’s Tape for me is a must!)


Here is the Stained Finish


Our Bathroom is A lot of White and Shades of Tile Blue, so we picked out Tile to Compliment The dark Mahogany and pull in another shade of Blue…The Counter Top is White, Old and White…But being this House was built 52 Years ago…we were kinda scared to think what we would have torn up to remove the Counter Top …so Tile It!

We have run across so many other quirks trying to replace and repair.  Ha! In just removing the Sink was a “What the heck did they secure this thing with?” (Turned out to be some form of Concrete…yes, Hard Concrete, not caulk, nope …My Hubby had to take a break… Just Breathe… Count to 10… Let’s figure this out…) So Hubby says, “Honey don’t you have some Easter Shopping to do for the Kids?” (In other words, Honey you might want to leave for this. When I returned it was removed, not in one piece.)


So we invested in a Tile Cutter.

Hubby set to cutting out all pieces to fit the top of Sink Counter. (Just adding to what we have)

We found the Tile .99 Cents a sheet at Floor & Decor. The White Sink at Home Depot for $38.00 and The Bronze Finish Faucet and Drain Pop Up Set for $98.00

We still have to install the Tile, but it looks Great!!!!!!!!!!!  Right along with a new Sink! 😉  (We laid the old one to Rest… Don’t ask…) We also decided to Tile the Shelves in the Cabinet/Closet.


It’s all coming along… 

And for the Easter Shopping? Ha! Hubby wanted me to Shop so I did! 


  I put together 2 Huge Baskets, One for my Daughter and Grandson and One for my Son and His Family.

It was a Tradition My Husband’s Mother did for us before she passed. So we are carrying on the Tradition in Her Memory.

One Basket filled with what the Parents and Kids love to snack on per Family. Filled with Bags of Beef Jerky, Slim Jims, Pistachio’s, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Yogurt covered Raisins.

Boxes of Goldfish Cheddar, Fruit Chews, Rice Krispie Treats, of course a bag of Reese’s Eggs, Peeps. 

{Ya have ta’ put in Chocolate somewhere, and the Peeps? It’s Easter!}

And for the Lil Ones, Coloring Books, Crayons, Puzzles, Stuff Toy, Clothes. A Few Bags of Plastic Eggs.

My Youngest Grandson is Teething so he gets a Cooler Teether, Oragel, and a Bib.  By the time I was done it wouldn’t all fit into the Basket…  Oh well…

Hubby is trying to find a box to fit it all so we can Ship to My Son.  Hehehe…


But of course I have to do my Crochet.

My Son and His Family moved to Ohio. 

So I have been busy with Afghans One for the Parents and One for My Granddaughter. The One for my Granddaughter is a Shaped Afghan that is taking (it seems) forever. But it’s coming along. It had to Have Pink Camo in the Colors.  Redheart has a complete line of Different Camo Colors. So I went with Pink Camo, Frosty Green, Cream and Cafe Latte. The Design is in a Pattern Book ” Shaped Afghans” Found here: http://www.anniescatalog.com/detail.html?prod_id=86626 I will post a Pic when Completed.


The Blanket (Not Roadie my Rescue Pup) is what I had made for Hubby with Bernat’s  Soft and Cozy Blanket Yarn. My Son has requested one … It’s was just a Simple Single Crochet 2 Rows, Alternating Colors Of Hunter Green and Beige. Using an N Crochet Hook. It works up quick the Yarn is Chunky, the Thickness is about an inch thick. A great Snuggle up keep warm Blankie!  Just ask Roadie! 😉


But I had to stop and make a few Lil Items! Just to let myself know I can complete a Project!  😉

So I found this Pattern for Vintage Pot Holders … Shabby Chic … It reminded me of my Grandmother in Spring time with Lemon Meringue Pies, Homemade Oatmeal Raisin Pecan cookies, and turning the Handle for Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. (Nope no Electric Ice Cream Maker back then, it was Grand kids Promised bowls of Ice Cream, but you have to turn the Handle to make it Bribe!)

Size 10 Thread in White, Maize and Mint. USA Steel Hook 7 Patterns can be found here: http://www.anniescatalog.com/detail.html?prod_id=85558


And of Course Pinterest is Great for finding Ideas and Free Patterns!

As I was perusing I saw this next Pattern and thought “HA! I have all of the Materials already! I am making this!”   Pot Scrubbers, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton Yarns. So gathering it all up I made these 2 Items.

My Daughter has already claimed one for her own.These worked up quick!

Less than 30 minutes quick! Free Pattern Here: http://www.yarnspirations.com/pattern/crochet/scrubby-posey Image

Need to Think about Afghan’s, Dinners, and cleaning and renovations,  Until next time… Happy Easter and God Bless!




Dirt Cake Recipe


Dirt Cake


It is My Son’s Birthday. When asked what Birthday Dessert He would like, he automatically Responded “Dirt Cake”. He’s 25 today. And He wanted a Matchbox Truck on top. (Kids! LOL)  I first made this Cake 25 years ago for my then 5 year old Daughter.( Who is now 30) I still have the Clear Planter Pot. I went so far as to buy a spray of fake flowers, wrapped the stems is a Ziploc Bag and stuck it in the middle of the Pot. She fussed around asking where her Cake was, My brother got a big spoon and walked over to the table & told her “Right Here”, she proceeded to tell him he was being silly, til my brother spooned out a big bite & ate it. She was yelling,” Mommie did you see that? Uncle Joey is eating Dirt!” Took us a while to convince her it was “Dirt Cake” She requests it every year for her Birthday Dessert.


I had enough left over to make Ramekins without the Gummie Worms, for those of us who just enjoy the pudding mix & Crushed Oreos.

Dirt Cake Ingredients

IMG_2510        IMG_2511

IMG_2512 I took a Big Spoon using the back part and pressed it up the sides (so It looks like a pot filled with dirt).

IMG_2514 The pudding mixed w/softened Cream Cheese & Cool Whip

IMG_2515  The First Layers, with Gummie Worms Climbing up the Sides, I alternated the worms in each layer.

IMG_2513 Hehehe…so far so good. 🙂

IMG_2516 Then the Finished Dirt Cake, With a few Ramekins without the Gummies.

So here is the Recipe:

8oz Cream Cheese Softened

2 small Instant Vanilla Pudding Pkgs

8oz Cool Whip Softened

2 lbs Oreo Cookies

Gummie Worms

Follow Directions on Vanilla Pudding pkgs in a big bowl, Set aside.

In a Food Processor, (or a Blender) Process Oreo’s til resemblance of well…Dirt.  🙂

Add Soften Cream Cheese to Pudding and mix well, then add Soften Cool whip, mix.

Now depending on what container you put it in… I started with Layer of Oreo first, but you could start w/Pudding  then Oreo.  Add Gummies in Pudding layer. And that’s it!

Hope you Have Fun with this Recipe as we have with the Little Ones.

Monarch Caterpillar & Butterfly Convention


I must be doing something right…Has to be all the Milkweed Growing in my Yard. But my Husband thinks we need to plant more Milkweed after what we found this past weekend. All Phases of caterpillars from tiny Small to ready to cocoon up for Transformation… to Butterfly’s coming out of their cocoons. We counted over 13 caterpillars that we could see. A few of the Neighborhood children were inspecting my back yard trying to be patient for a Monarch to emerge from it’s cocoon, they were asking a 1000 questions & I was trying to answer the best I could. Well, it finally emerged & sat for a good long time for the wings to unfold & dry out. And the Children as patient as they could be, were waiting on it’s first flight & where it would go. I was asked if they would come back to my yard…well it appears so…look at all the Monarch Caterpillars they are eating the Milkweed down to well nothin! Glad Milkweed … well… grows like a Weed!

Thursday 3/14/13 Morning Walk


Chill in the Air for me this Mornin. 43 degrees. Well I am a Floridian born & raised! We have had some weird up & down Weather here this past Winter. One day its 80 next it’s 60 and windy cold. My husband said it snowed a few times. Florida snow that is…(Frost on the ground).
I’ve been hesitant in getting out there and pulling all the dead, raking leaves from around the plants, just in case we get a fluke of Cold weather. But finally starting to Prune back Crepe Myrtles and bushes.
On my walk this morning I found 3 Caterpillars (Monarchs) eating up my Milkweed that I let grow wherever it decides it wants. I just trimmed back my Pink Porter Weed Bush, not much action there. Amaryllis’s are in full Bloom. Mexican Petunia’s are blooming every Morning, and Dropping off every Evening. Keeps the Bees Happy. The Meyer Lemon tree (lil bug is only 3 Years old) has really put out some Blooms, in fact more Blooms than Leaves. Grandson & I started trying to count how many lemons have formed & quickly gave up…he informed me we might have to sell Lemons this year…I said not really, but our neighbors will have some freebies.
Hope you all have an Awesome Day! Til Next Time! 🙂

Florida Christmas 2012


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Our Grandson is counting down the Days & has become Very excited. He has informed me (for the hundredth time this morning alone) that Christmas is 6 days away! 

If you noticed yes I go crazy with Decorating, I try to bring Winter somehow in my Home, Considering it’s upper 70’s Low 80’s for the High.  Strange part is, that so far this year we have been above average to where the back yard is filled with ROBIN’S! And it’s not even First Day of Winter Yet! They normally do not pass thru til Spring.

Our Main Tree are from Ornaments that I have held onto for 30 years, where my Grandson adds His School made Ornaments along side His Mother’s & Uncle. I have collected an Ornament every year for each child, so when they are out on their own they can have Ornaments for their Tree from Home.My Hubby’s Tree is filled with Lures & Baits. My Angel Tree was Angel Ornaments given to me over the Years. And of Course my Grandson’s Gator Tree!  The Kitchen tree with Apples & Cinnamon Sticks. And Yes I put a Snowman Tree in our Bathroom! The Kids Love it!

Yes we put out the Gifts as soon as they are wrapped, (somehow it’s taught the Grandson Patience?!) All the Gifts Wrapped in Brown paper was my Hubby’s doin…He wrapped them & put no Names on them. Which in turn I do believe to have our grandson wandering who they are for ( But also to where He is not counting how many gifts he has).


Yeppers it’s Christmas in my home, til ya walk outside!  LOL!  Hoping You All Have a Blessed Christmas & a Blessed New Year!


Chocolate & Mint Ripple Afghan


Chocolate & Mint Ripple AfghanIMG_2442

Finally Finished My Sisters Afghan! My Husband says it looks like Chocolate & mint! Now need to Mail it off before Christmas! I have become a Pinterest Nut! http://pinterest.com/pamslilslice/    From there I found Ravelry.com  a great site for Free Patterns! You sign up for Free. It has become a really neat sight for inspiration.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ribbed-ripple-reversible-afghan.

Friday Garden Walk


Noticed that Wildlife was Busy Today, So I grabbed the Camera and here’s what I was able to Capture.

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I was amazed that Papa Cardinal allowed me to be so close to His Lil Ones. I have not seen the Mother.

My Hummingbird Bush that I need to cut back somehow stays the Busiest with Visitors. The Purple Flower is a Mexican Petunia.

My Lizard friends are always around me when I am pulling weeds, they wait for a meal to be disturbed from the ground and pounce! They have at times crawled on my hands or arms to wait for their meal to appear.